Irish Party Scene: A Male Strippers Guide

Our Male Strippers have teamed up together on a discussion regarding Ireland and its nightlife.

Ireland has earned a high status in the international party scene. Enjoyable towns, friendly locals, live music every night. This makes  Hen as well as stag events  come to Ireland for the “craic agus ceol”. The Hen and Stag Weekend scene  keeps growing all over the world. The amount of events and the effort that goes into organising them has also increased. But in Ireland it is easy to start a party anywhere. Some of the best nights are happening just around the corner. A young talented musician, an Irish dancing act …and why not ; a hot performance from Male Strippers Ireland.

Knowing a Country before you travel has it advantages. You will be less likely to miss out on certain attractions, pubs, museums, guided tours, scenic routes, etc. So we can give you some sound advice about where to go and what to avoid.

If you are lucky enough to get some sun when you travel to Dublin it might be worthwhile taking a place to stay that has an open balcony. Also with the pubs you got to choose a pub that has a beautiful Irish garden. Nothing worse than being stuck indoors when the sun is splitting the trees. Irish people will take full advantage of it when the sun is out as they rarely get the privilege due to the constant poor weather. Join them and talk about the weather, passionately. This is only the beginning. Irish people are very genuine and are happy to share their life stories with you. You will gain extra kudos if you can play a musical instrument or sing a song from your lands.

The flights to Ireland  are quite reasonable and there are great packages provided by some of the hen and stag party organisations. It would be worth taking a visit to their websites to see what is in store for you.

It is very easy to just go to the nearest pub and then that’s it for the weekend.  On the other hand, there is a lot to see in Ireland . Day activities such as, canoeing, golfing, fishing, farm visits, swimming, go – karting, sailing, adventure centres ; they can all help you appreciate the country and make your visit memorable.

The nightlife in Ireland starts from 8pm and it goes on till 3am. Sadly, we don’t have the privileges of Barcelona or Paris where the party  never stops, but we always have a great night and we know how to party. Sunday is a very popular drinking day in Ireland.People have a drink as a cure from the night before so they can drink more.
If you fail to plan your trip, you will not have as good a time. So do a small bit of research before you fly over. It will pay off. Also your friends will think you are  brilliant for finding out things to do and see.If you are planning any female or male strippers please phone us on 0877775705.

Please Keep Ireland tidy.


from your number one strippers