Full Monty or Tuxedo

Male strippers have always been popular in Ireland. In the recent few years Topless Waiters have grown in popularity. Women are looking for that Sex in the City Theme in their Hen party. The gentleman in the tuxedo. Dickybow cuffs and a six pack combined. And a bouquet of roses. Sweet ? Right?

Some hens would disagree. Why get flowers when you can have a Full Monty? But each to their own.

The main difference between the two shows is simply based on the level of nudity. Male strippers go fully nude. they can embarrass the Bride to be full on. If you want to make a show of her this would be an excellent way of doing it. Make sure she is up for the craic.

Topless waiters are a good option for your Holy Mary type. If you want an occasion a bit more a reserved. Maybe because out of a respect to an older generation present at the party. Maybe because you know that they need that bouquet of roses. There is the  option of getting him in an apron with the bum cheeks showing or just trousers if you are looking for a very reserved atmosphere. Actually our male strippers are also the guys who perform topless waiting. Therefore if you felt the group are warming to the idea of a male stripper during the topless waiter performance we are sure it wouldn’t be a problem to ask him to carry out one of his stripping performances.

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