The Irish Summer is made for Hen Party Fun

Male Strippers Ireland have enjoyed the very little sun we got this Hen Party Summer  Season in Ireland. Hen party goers were looking forward to this summer but Met Eireann got it all wrong. But thank God for all the indoor fun with the Male strippers and all the hen party outfits that the ladies tried in the warm rain of the Hen Party Irish Summer.

It has been a pleasure over the years to entertain at these hen parties in Ireland. The common features are fun uncontrollable laughter, rounds of jager bombs, single stags and hens kissing in the rain. And a Full Monty to top it all up. Oh, don’t forget the Irish Breakfast and the stories over a cup of tea. And Panadol.

Our male strippers were expecting some sunny weather too. They had high hopes to  increase the amount of outdoor gigs. Raincoats came handy! Dancing in the rain was a hit. Dancing in the dark also went down well after an Atlantic storm.

Male strippers Carlow reported that Carlow had some fantastic BBQs. Male Strippers Galway sent Snapchats of the Arts Festival. Also, Kilkenny was busy with more Party madness than ever. The whole of Ireland was a big Hen Party this summer. I bet the guys must have made  some extra cash to buy that ring and pop the question. We are happy too cos we had a lot of fun partying all over Ireland.

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