Male Stripper job specs: It’s not a job it’s a life style

People have said to us on numerous occasions it must be great being a male stripper as we have short working hours. We beg to differ on this point and really do think that male strippers work full time hours. There is a serious amount of time and effort that goes into the preparation for a successful and entertaining show.

  1. Male strippers have to be in great shape not only lifting weights and keeping the abs tight but they also need to eat healthy.
  2. Good professionals have  to make sure that all their costumes and uniforms are in perfect condition. They always need to research for new uniforms.
  3. They have to be well groomed, shaved or waxed all over. The  tanning beds can be necessary ( sunshine is scarce in this country)
  4. They have to map out locations they will be entertaining and be punctual and organised for the 2nd gig also.
  5. They will be giving up their social life and alcohol ( not a bad thing if you want to keep fit)
  6. In some cases it can be hard to have a relationship ( we are the centre of female attention , but hey it’s our job)
  7. Others may frown upon your career path ( close minds and closed hearts, we say)
  8. Dancing lessons are a must if one needs to advance in the show bizz.
  9. Practice makes perfect. We train everywhere.
  10. Confidence is a must. The better you look the better you feel the better you perform. Looking well after oneself is something that gets rid of worries and inhibitions. We are the same men, with or without clothes.

Male strippers in our eyes have a full time job. Others beg to differ but we can only speak from experience.

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