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Welcome to the Candy Shop of  Male Strippers

One thing we  know about Ladies is that they all generally have different tastes in men. They will always  admit when a man is good looking. However they might then follow up with that comment ” but he is not my cup of tea”.   Working with  male strippers it is important to have a wide range of all types of guys. So you are suiting all tastes of ladies.

We don’t know if it is just us men that all agree when a woman is stunning and sexy. All men generally would be in agreement when it comes to visible beauty , but we find women are different in this scenario.

So if you are looking for an excellent range of male strippers here are the possible options.

  • The rough and rugged –   tidy stubble maybe a hairy chest left unshaven.
  • The pretty magazine boy – Blessed with good looks possible a model.
  • The clean cut- very well groomed and not a blade of hair out of place
  • The versatile and interesting – The world famous Johnny Depp has this trait
  • The bodybuilder – a mountain of muscle ( not too popular to be honest)
  • Athletic – muscles but just a nice amount of muscle which also gives the chiseled face
  • Haircuts-  from short to long. Military haircuts would suit an army or police costume, whereas the long hair would suit the cowboy or biker persona
  • Tattoos and piercings- along with leather or jewellery accessories worn with the costumes add that something extra to the look of the performer
  • Height- at least 5ft 8″ is favoured by most females ( but a well built guy on the short side is also very charming)
  • Race of the Person- It is nice to have a mix of cultures and ethnic backgrounds in the team. United Nations here we go.

These are just some various features of the diverse selection of male strippers that we offer  for our  shows


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