Male Strippers Carlingford

Male Strippers Carlingford Kinder Surprise

Carlingford Hens are just the type what you couldn’t order on Amazon. Well you can’t order the Male Strippers Carlingford has in store for your hen either. 

The weekend break tourism is a trade that in the Cooley Peninsula has reached it’s perfection. Indeed, over the years, the set up of the hospitality has improved. Just an hour and something away from either Dublin or Belfast, it has all the ingredients of a successful hen party. Amazing scenery, great country pubs and most of all fresh oysters. Not that the area doesn’t attract stag parties. But first and foremost it attracts the hens. As a consequence, the Hens attract the stags.

Why Male Strippers in Carlingford

Carlingford will open its doors for all the happy hens. You just have to bring your good mood with you. Country pubs and activities, fine seafood and late night parties, Carlingford has everything you need for a good time. When it comes to Male Strippers Carlingford venues make sure to source them from the best providers. Since Dublin and Belfast have a brilliant selection of top notch male performers, you will be spoilt for choice.  The plan for a Hen Party in Carlingford is simple but effective. First, the ladies need to stretch their feet. Self-catering apartments are the popular choice for 2019. You want to make sure that all the basics are in stock. Dancing shoes, secret stock of bubbly and of course a male stripper in Carlingford to make the Bride-to-be smile. 

Out and about with your flock

Carlingford offers unique experiences. The Louth countryside is full of wonders. You could explore the Fairy and Leprechaun cave or take a stroll in the medieval King John’s Castle. The spring and summer months turn the area into a botanic garden. Since bonding is an important aspect of every hen, spending time in the relaxed outdoor settings of the old stately manors of the area. Our Male Strippers in Carlingford will definitely recommend the beer garden in Taffe’s Castle and the Ghan House. Both venues cater for all types of groups, with Taffe’s being an indisputable institution in the Hen Scene.  

For the active queens of hearts, yes, the single entourage of the lucky lady, romance is in the air. Walks by the seaside or a trek up the Carlingford Mountain will wake up the Juliette in you. We can’t guarantee that you will find your Romeo by the Eagle’s Rock, but you will get in the right mood. Trust your Male Strippers Carlingford is the ultimate  place for match making. If that will be a long term or short term commitment is another story. 

Beware of imitations!

When hiring male strippers in Carlingford, make sure you book with agencies that have a track record on Google maps or have active Social Media. The easiest way of checking is by calling the number. If the person answering is professional and provides you with valid information then you are on to a winner. Otherwise, you are dealing with the equivalent of a door to door carpet sale.  For an alternative to male strippers, you might want to try our friends that organise smashing life drawing hen parties

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