I recently done a survey with groups of  hen parties regarding should the mother in Law come to the Hen night

There was a mixed feeling i have to say when i asked the different hen groups.I had two different reactions
Please note these answers where based on a survey and don’t apply to all .

Yes – Majority of these where  hen Parties that where usually travelling down the country of Ireland, such as Dublin, Kilkenny, Carlow to party as oppossed to travlling abroad, I got the feeling these where hens that were closer to the other halfs Family and where 30+ age group. a bit more settled in the partying lifestyle.These where groups that were going to book kissograms
No – A lot of these Hen parties where travelling abroad and it seemed like it was going to be a bit more on the crazier weekend. They seemed like they were going to live out the last weekend of freedom, Slightly younger crowd 25-30. these were more intrested in getting strippers instead of kissograms

having said that from my experience the Ladies night strip shows in Ireland

that have hen parties present also have the mother in laws, mothers, etc there partying and enjoying every minute of it and they are usually the ones that standing on the tables screaming at the dublin strippers.