Male Strippers Kilkenny : The purrfect hen party

Kilkenny is a Hen Party Central ! And Male Strippers Kilkenny know it well. It is  filled with excellent cafes, beautiful sceneries and original Irish “characters”!!! Great hospitality for all types of events from Hen Parties to 21st Birthday parties or a weekend Girls’ Night Away from the big smoke,

There are lots of great places to eat and a good selection of nightclubs. An Poc Fada and Biddy Early’s being the main Hen Spots You will find all types of  locations to capture your attention and Hens can  learn a few Irish songs in the Kyteler’s Inn.

Overall Kilkenny offers all of the elements of a purrfect (C’mon the actual Cats !) Hen Party.

Why Kilkenny


Kilkenny is easy to reach. It is an easy drive from Dublin, Waterford, or Cork nicely situated in the heart of the Midlands. It helps that it is a well known Hen Party destination. Male Strippers Kilkenny have been the centerpiece of many a Hen celebration.

Walk and Talk

In Kilkenny, is easy to get around. The  numerous cafes and fine dining places are all in walkable distance. Moreover, this  is very handy for the stylish Hens, as they would like to stroll around in high heels.  Kilkenny comes has a very cosy feel about it. The people of this gorgeous city are well accustomed to visitors and they will take it upon themselves to show the happy Hens around.

Marble City

Kilkenny is known as the Marble City. The city earned the name because of the black marble extracted from a quarry close by. This material was used in the majority of the medieval buildings in Kilkenny. It also became part of many famous building in Ireland and the UK.  Local craftsmen still make beautiful ornaments of the black marble.


There is a festival happening in Kilkenny almost every month. Therefore one needs to make sure to book accommodation well in advance. On the upside, Hens that party in Kilkenny will never get bored. The  Or even in the event that reside songs is the point, there is the actual Kilkenny Tempo & Origins Event — usually the actual Might Financial institution Vacation. Do a person actually perform Conkers because little woman, nicely should you do or even did not — why don’t you navigate to the Irish Conker Titles within Freshford, Company. Kilkenny.

Shopping Hen Parties

Kilkenny is famous for its traditional shops. Arts and Crafts boutiques are the main attraction for the shopping hens. Painters, jewellers and home grown design brands will offer Hen Parties unique last minute gifts.  While one might find shopping a bit pricey the handmade goodies are highly appreciated from future brides. And the Kilkenny Male strippers will also hunt for bargains to create unique costumes for their shows.

The Hens will find excellent value in the  Kilkenny Design Centre.  This home design and craft centre is well renowned and most of the goodies are produced locally. Of course, the prices are much better than those of the capital. Perhaps the Hens will find a special something for the special day. Obviously they need to pretend they know nothing about that stripogram they secretly booked with the Male Strippers Kilkenny.

Scenic walks and Nature 

The nature around Kilkenny runs wild.  A short cab trip can take you to and from the city. Nora Valley Park, Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum or the Kilfane Glen and Waterfall are amazing spot. There Hen Parties can explore the greener side of the Marble City,and flex their muscles.

The Kilkenny Castle and Gardens offer amazing sceneries  close to the city.  Male Strippers Kilkenny recommend a picnic basket and a few board games on a sunny day.

Active Hens in Kilkenny

For Hens in  search of action, Kilkenny offers the majority of as well as actually a lot more than standard, because they offer in several chicken events as well as positively search for company. Paintball, Team Building activities, Zorb Football,  yoga weekend breaks – there a a lot of options to choose from. Actually Male Strippers Kilkenny avail of their reduced rates in the different activity centres. After all, there is better way to keep fit than having fun with friends.


Drink sensibly, but party like a lunatic. That’s what the Male Strippers Kilkenny preach. Thankfully, the city is dotted with a great number of traditional Irish pubs, late bars and clubs. As most of them are very close to the city centre, the Hens save a good bit on taxi rides. As a result tired hens can go back to their accommodation to stretch their claws. Of course they will come back for more. They will not miss the show of Male Strippers Kilkenny for the world. But it is always a good option to have. A couch to rest on, quaint cafes to refuel, a relaxed spot to retouch the make up. Then back to the Hen Party Madness

If the quieter Hens find the clubbing scene a bit over the top, the rest of the activities will make up for the night time entertainment. Male strippers Kilkenny offer various Topless Waiter services that can satisfy just about any hen night in. Additionally Kilkenny is popular with a lot of Stags. So it is the playground for lots of strangers that meet and have fun.

Male Strippers Kilkenny are proud to present new performers with more move and more passion than ever before. Members of the Male Strippers Kilkenny can be found in Matt the Millers and An Poc Fada, sipping lattes or giving advice to hens about where to go and and what not to miss. The full monty show is their forte, and their weakness the Kilkenny Cats Laughs Festival.

Male Strippers Kilkenny are available here also on 0877775705

Nevertheless, some places tend to be no more hen friendly than others. Therefore be aware that Hens might be ask to leave their colourful uniforms at home in order to get is in some of the fine dining restaurants. Always call first…or ask the Male Strippers Kilkenny. They will know 😉