How to find decent Strippers in Ireland

male strippers in ireland

Ok girls this is the hen party night of a life time, you and the girlies are going out on the party of a lifetime in Dublin, You need to organise everything in order to have the best possible night.Our male strippers dublin

have taken the time to compile this blog in order for you to have an overview of what  a hen party weekend is all about.

Accommodation  – The factors that have to come into play for this is

  • location ( very important as you want to be close the destinations that you plan to visit on your stay in Dublin)
  • price ( even though you maybe be able to afford you have to fair and make sure it suits everybody)
  • service ( if  they fulfill your needs cater for hen parties and maybe a residents bar might be a good option for the party animals that hate going home)

Restaurant- The factors that come into play for this

  • The location ( you don’t want to be travelling far from your place of stay to where you plan to eat, there is so much in Dublin everything should be close by)
  • price ( reasonable price to suit all)
  • Food menu that will suit everybody and also taste good.  has great reviews of all the places in Dublin to eat and the feedback from customers. what a fantasic website.

Bar and Clubs. – Where to go

  • As you know you can venture into many different venues in Dublin city, from Rock, R n B, Rap, Dance, irish music, Pop music or just a good ole band playing. It would be fair to say that you should cater for all the hen party group and choose something that isn’t as heavy on the ears, Chart music seems to be fair to all with a few 80′s tunes thrown in there
  • The option of a bar crawl to give you the mixtures of scenery during the night once you can keep the group together.
  • Some venues will actually reserve areas for you in the venues so it might be worth a call prior to turning up. special treatment can be nice sometimes.
  • Make sure the venue allows a male stripper in Dublin venue, otherwise you might have a problem on the night, i can leave a number at the end of blog to contact for the quick heads up on Dublin venues.

male strippers in dublin

  • If you are looking for a good performer you need to do your research
  • look at the company websites what do the staff and costumes look like and do the guys look sexy
  • you need to find out do the guys speak English as they need to interact with the crowd in performance.
  • Can they entertain, Act and make fun for the girls, humour is a big factor when ordering a male stripper

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Male Strippers Kilkenny Special Offer

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Male Strippers meath FAQ

Male strippers would like to inform people that even though we don’t have a FAQ section on our website that we are happy to answer questions that you may have relative to male strippers in Ireland

If you are intrested in finding any more info please free free to as us. Below are  some Continue reading “Male Strippers meath FAQ”

Male strippers Hen party this Summer

Male strippers hen party are looking forward to his summer and all the hen party outfits,

It has been a pleasure over the years to entertain at these hen parties in Ireland.

Our male strippers are expecting some sunny weather, and will expect to do an increasing amount of outdoor gigs. Male strippers in Carlow reckon Continue reading “Male strippers Hen party this Summer”

male strippers kilkenny how to hen party


Our male strippers kilkenny have been entertaining Kilkenny for Hen and stag parties for many years. If you are not from Kilkenny and you need to know a bit about it before you go, we can help you out.
The main importance of travelling on a hen and stag party is to plan ahead>

A place to stay- Hostels, self catering, hotels.   there is a lot to suit your needs. Some people would prefer just a place to put the head down for the night, and others would like top class Service. There is a range of choice with this and we can only recommend you look into price and service and try not forget that location is one of the most important things as if you have a group of 20 it can be hassle getting into the town in taxi’s etc. The advantage i will say about Kilkenny is that it has everything close together and in walking distance.

Food-From Restaurants to finger food in pubs there is more of a demand with the hen parties generally to have a sit down dinner with the group before they head out on the town for the night, Guys seems to start drinking and just get a quick bite of food out and about.

Activites- There is many activities that can be availed of, chances are you will be taking a small journey to these activites. Book in advance to make sure  everything runs smoothly for you. Details for these can be found on google

Pubs- From Experience over the years My personal favourite pub would have to be matt the millers on the Main street, simply because of it’s excellent service, atmosphere and it always has something going on at nighttime.  I would recommend this venue. They are also hen and stag party friendly and they allow our male strippers and female strippers in which is really cool also.

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Strip Shows ireland

Male strippers Ireland have announced that they are going to be touring around Ireland with their World Class Male strip shows It was great feedback to find that many people were in Intrested in coming to these shows, Even though they were not local to the area.Tickets for these events will be announced in Due course.
It was great to speak to many pubs and clubs and due to the economic crisis they were given the possibilty to make good revenue at one of these shows by hosting one in their Venue. If you are venue looking to Supply a in your venue. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need to ask any questions regarding this.


Over the years it has been great to raise money for Charitys from the childrens hospitals, to wheelchair associations, it has been great to have the chance to do something good for the charitys, and we are intrested in doing some more. If you have any causes or charitys you would like to raise money for you can ring us  and we will run through everything with you.

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Male Strippers or topless waiters

Male strippers

have always been popular in Ireland, it is just in the recent few years that topless waiters have grown in Popularity, Women are looking for that Sex in the City Theme in their Hen party.The difference is simply between the two Which will be explained below.


Male strippers if you want to Embarrasse the girl full on and  Continue reading “Male Strippers or topless waiters”

male strippers carrick on shannon are now available

News just in Male strippers carrick on shannon available for all your partying needs.

Male and female stripograms providers of the finest in Entertainment for any occasion. Embarrasement for that special occasion.


From Hen parties | stag nights | birthdays | leaving do’s

are also providing throughout a lot of counties in. Fantastic news for all the hen parties & birthdays. Our stripping team is constantly growing from strength to strength with an  excellent service please do have a look at our websites to see our range of male and female strippers along with excellent costumes that they Perform in.


Elite kissagrams has been around since 2003 and in conjuction with the Topgunz male strip show we have recently been able to have male strippers carrick on shannon We have been entertaining parties with groups of 5 up to 500People

Male strippers carrick on shannon can be viewed on our websites along with costumes available

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how to pick a Male stripper?

One thing i know about females is that they all generally have a different taste in Men. They will admit a man is good looking however they might then follow that comment with ” but he is not my cup of tea”   working with  male strippers it is important to have a range of the type of guys so that you are suiting all tastes from women.

I don’t know if it is just us men that all agree if a women is Stunning and sexy. All men generally would be in agreement together on this, but i find women are different in this scenario.

So if you are looking for an excellent range of male strippers here are the possible options.

  • The rough and rugged –   tidy stubble maybe a hairy chest left unshaven.
  • The pretty boy looked- Blessed with good looks.
  • The clean cut- very well groomed and not a blade of hair out of place
  • The versatile and intresting – The world famous Johnny Depp has this trait
  • The bodybuilder – a mountain of muscle ( not too popular to be honest)
  • Athletic – muscles but just a nice amount of muscle which also gives the chiseled face
  • haircuts from Short to long. Military haircuts would suit and army costume, whereas the longhair would suit the cowboy
  • tattoos and piercings along with Accessories worn with costumes categorizes the look of a person also
  • Height at least 5ft 8″ is favoured by most females.
  • Race of the Person- nice to have a mix of Cultures and ethnic backgrounds on the team.

These are just some various listings of the different selection of male strippers that can be chosen for a show to take place.


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is working as male strippers a fulltime job?

People have said to me on numerous occasions it must be great being a male stripper as you have short working hours. I beg to differ on this point and really do think that

male strippers work full time hours due to the time and effort they have to put into Preparation for Entertaining for shows.

  1. Male strippers have to be in great shape not only lifting weights and keeping the abs tight but to eat healthy also.
  2. They have to make sure all their costumes and uniforms are cleaned and ironed for their shows.
  3. They have to well groomed shaven or waxed all over, tanning beds if neccesary ( most or our performers are irish so tan is neccessary due to bad weather in this country)
  4. They have to map out locations they will be entertaining and be punctual and organised for the 2nd gig also.
  5. They will be giving up their social life
  6. in some cases it can be hard to have a relationship
  7. Others may frown on your carreer path
  8. dancing lessons to advance in your field is vital.
  9. practise
  10. confidence is a must the better you look the better you feel the better you preform. If you are looking after yourself and don’t have any worries about your appearance e.g your toe nails are not cut, then you will feel paranoid which is not suitable when performing.

Male strippers in my eyes have a full time job. Others beg to differ but i can only speak from experience.

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